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Sandra Green

© Nancy Fina _DSC8071Sandra Green is an experienced and accredited executive coach with over 20 years working in the field of leadership development. Her passion is working with women leaders, who struggle with inner confidence, self promotion and size of workload.

Speaking Topic: Breaking through the Glass Ceiling

Why Women Are Not Making it to the Top and What To Do About it This topic can be delivered over 30mins or up to 90 minutes

  • Current Situation - the lack of women in our senior management pipeline and why it’s an issue
  • The importance of a ‘double spike’
  • Your expertise and value add
  • Building a strong powerbase
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As I start to write,  I reflect on the fact that the coaching sessions held with Sandra have been the most profound and valuable that I have ever experienced across my 26 year career. As a result I could not be a stronger advocate of Sandra and the coaching services that she offers.  She is able to strike the right balance of support and challenge , tailoring her approach to match mood, matters of the moment and face in to the fact that I am often time poor from a diary perspective. Sandra has a very broad and flexible toolkit that stretches and facilitates thinking in a non-onerous way. She has a strong ability to not only listen but hear the emotion, belief or motivation that sits behind the words.

The coaching objectives pursued with Sandra had three very different focuses ranging from short term tactical easily deployed techniques in the workplace through to long term career and personal visioning.

The first objective centred around how I could navigate the dynamic environment of a forming Executive Board, adding value without compromising the leader I know I am and want to be. Sandra very quickly grasped the circumstances at play and helped me to consider the presence I have within the team, enabled  me to identify any trigger moments and the reasons I get gripped  and then supported me to face into that. To help with this process Sandra asked me to use a heart-beat monitor which gave me some fascinating insight into the impact my work was having on my body, which situations manifested as physical stress and what activity “recharged by batteries” …. Totally innovative in approach and has profoundly affected how I now structure my working day and approach to wellbeing in the workplace. In addition , with tremendous support and challenge from Sandra I have been able to establish absolute clarity on the values I hold dear and would be unwilling to compromise on and how to honour those in a challenging environment, whilst operating as an effective team player. The success of this coaching is clearly evident in the latest 360 degree feedback that I have received.

The second objective focused on developing a much greater sense of understanding around my personal belief systems and how they drive and shape my behaviour as a  leader, team player, mother, daughter and friend. Sandra has deployed a combination of tools to help me name the deep rooted beliefs I hold, helped me to understand the value and constraints those beliefs give me and helped me face into those that no longer serve me well. This work has left me with a greater level of self- awareness that I thought possible and has given me a sense of personal liberation and authenticity that is serving me well in every aspect of my life.

The third objective has been focused around long term life and career planning , built from the deep level of personal understanding gained to date. A fascinating thought journey to date and still very much work in progress but an activity that I know will serve me well for my future based on my experience of Sandra’s coaching to date.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sandra as a coach and feel very blessed to have encountered her at this pivotal point in both my working and personal life. I have always believed in the power of coaching but am still surprised and delighted at the added value my sessions with Sandra has given me and of course delivered back to the business because I am now far more skilled within my leadership role.  

Jane McCall, Executive Transformation Director, The co-operative
Jane McCall, Executive Transformation Director, The co-operative

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