Sandra Green

Hi, thank you for visiting my website.
I always get a bit put off by bio's written in the third person that seem to have no personality at all.

So here is a little bit about me.

I live in my native county of Cheshire in the north west of England. I was the first first member of my book making family to go to university and went off to work in the corporate world. The birth of my second child was an epiphany in my life. Suddenly I questioned what I was doing and realised that the things that I loved and that I was brilliant at were not the things that my corporate employer was interested in. So I left the security of employment and set off into the world of self-employment.

For the last 12 years I have been an accredited Executive Coach and in 2015 established the WLA, a professional development network for senior women leaders.

"Handbags In The Boardroom" is not a rage against men. It is a "tongue in cheek" look at how men and women can create amazing teams that produce equally amazing results. It is a small attempt to help women find the fulfilment and happiness that they deserve and to bring more brilliant women into leadership roles where their talents can make our workplaces and our world a better place.

During my time as an Executive Coach I began to observe that men & women navigate their careers very differently and with very different results. It is this coaching experience as well as my own first hand experiences of corporate life that piqued my interest in understanding why women are held back and what they (as well as their organisation) can do about it.

There is such a huge opportunity for women to step into the light, really believe in themselves and in their potential. Research has highlighted the benefit of having more women in our talent pipeline at all levels. More women than ever are entering the workforce and ever increasing numbers into management positions. Yet they are not equally presented at the top of organisations (see Lord Davies, Women on Boards Report 2011 - 2015)