About Us

Handbags in the Boardroom was established by executive coach Sandra Green in 2012. Sandra is passionate about helping women leaders achieve career fulfillment. After a corporate career lasting over 15 years, Sandra experienced at first hand many of the internal and external issues that hold women back.  =

There is such a huge opportunity for women to step into the light, really believe in themselves and in their potential. Research has highlighted the benefit of having more women in our talent pipeline at all levels. More women than ever are entering the workforce and ever increasing numbers into management positions. Yet they are not equally presented at the top of organisations (see Lord Davies, Women on Boards Report 2011 - 2015). 

We see this as a terrific opportunity. We want to encourage greater gender diversity. We believe that we can do this through our practical and highly sought after coaching programmes. Sandra runs the business with her husband Chris Green. She is a certified executive coach; NLP Practitioner; accredited in EQi-2.0 and EQ-360; MBTI Step I and II as well as trained as a career counsellor over 20 years ago.

She lives in Cheshire, has two fabulous children, a King Charles spaniel and enjoys walking, reading and personal development.

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