Have you ever wondered why men get promoted faster & further than many women?

It is not simply about bias.

Men play a different game and they play it very well.

Women need to learn how to successfully play this game too.

Do you wonder why, despite working hard and delivering great results, you seem to have reached a glass ceiling in your career?

Have you noticed that men, seemingly no better qualified than you, are getting the big projects, the international assignments, and higher visibility?

What if I told you that by keeping your head down and waiting for that recognition and promotion you are actually your own worst enemy and holding back your career advancement?

The reality is that building highly successful networks, gaining visibility and having a heavy weight sponsor who will actively “promote” you are crucial to career advancement.

If networking is crucial to career advancement, then women need to get better at it.

  • Networking is a male reserve which so often involves drinking after work and talking about sport.
  • Walking in to a network meeting is really awkward, what do you do? who to you talk to? what do you say?
  • If you go to a women’s network meeting it can often be a pointless talking shop where everyone is whinging.
  • “OMG, networking is so sleazy and insincere.”

It doesn’t have to be this way!

We bring years of expertise, the latest thinking and robust coaching and training methods to help women just like you have take control of their careers.

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  • Learn how to network confidently, effectively and authentically
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  • Create your own networking map and action plan.

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