Career Clarity Programme

Who You Are

You are a female professional who is looking for greater career satisfaction. You know you are good and your academic and performance to date is strong. You have built up a great track record. You seem to be stuck right now and you really want to find a career that has longevity, challenge and somewhere where you feel you are making a difference. You want to ensure you have a balance too – whether that’s to spend time being a Mum, with other family members or enjoying your hobbies.


What Your Challenges Tend to Be

You may have been overlooked for promotion or perhaps you are a Mum-returner with a less challenging role than you had before. Perhaps you may have out grown your role, or been given a different job or a new boss. What you do know is that you are feeling bored, your energy is low and it’s hard to get motivated. You are starting to wonder if you should leave your career and set up on your own or become a full time Mum. You know that you have to take responsibility for your career and to take ownership of your ambition, but you really don’t know where to start or how to go about it.


What You Need Now

The key for you now is to take back control of your career and stop letting it happen to you. You can be the change you want to see. What you need to focus on now is:

  • Your value – getting clear on what you do and what your worth is
  • Your strengths, passions and talents so you can rebuild that confidence
  • A career plan – so you are crystal clear on the type of work you want and why you want it
  • Your boundaries – the hours you want, the compensation, the environment
  • Increasing your visibility and support network
  • A strong CV and ‘reach out’ campaign


Full Programme Details

This is a six month career programme designed to pull you out of the doldrums, invigorate you and give you a clear action plan of what you need to do next. We follow a four stage process as follows: Before we start the first phase of the coaching programme, all of our clients complete a Welcome Questionnaire. This helps us to get to know you and to start to shape your specific goal requirements.



In addition to the coaching sessions, we provide access to our online portal. Here we keep a record of our sessions, upload materials, articles and other important resources. This enables our session records to be completely confidential. PLEASE NOTE: This programme is NOT for you if you want someone to tell you what you should be doing next. We are not Career Advisors - we are Career Coaches. That means we do not give you the answers. We focus on helping you gain insight, clarity and actions. We encourage, we support, we challenge. We will share our insights too – if you want that. Clients who have benefited the most from this programme are those that have done the following:

  • Made this coaching programme a priority in their lives.
  • Committed to working through all of the assessment, activities and exercises.
  • Built time in their diary to reflect fully on the assessments and not rushed to complete them the night before their session.
  • Reached out to friends and colleagues for support.
  • Fully considered their options.
  • Recognised and let go of negative thought patterns – once and for all.
  • Stepped into their fear, been brave and pushed themselves to do it anyway.
  • Above all taken complete ownership for their actions and their results.

As you can tell the career clarity programme requires personal commitment; a desire to change; an interest in personal insight and growth and a willingness to be brave.

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