Courageous Leadership Programme

Who You Are

You have recently landed a Director position or have been waiting a while to land that board position. You are technically great at your job and passionate about delivering first class results. You love what you do and you know that you have the opportunity to add real value to your organisation. You can cope with a big workload, have a great team working for you and know your job inside out.

Your biggest need right now is in navigating a very different landscape. You recognise that what got you here, is not what’s going to get you to success.

What Your Challenges Tend to Be

You know that you need to build your reputation and your impact whilst still getting results. Engagement with peers is critically important especially as you look to influence the direction and strategy for the organisation. You recognise you are balancing a fine line with assertively stating what you do and don’t want and not coming across as Attila the Hun. You wish to be heard and maintain your authenticity. Whilst you historically managed a big workload, you’ve found the amount you have to get through, at times, to be overwhelming.  As well as your peers there are more stakeholders than ever before that you know need to work with and you just don’t know how to fit everything in. You’ve noticed that your sleep pattern has been affected: you are waking in the early hours and have little energy for any ‘me time’.

What You Need Now

It’s time to shift fears and be much more courageous with your impact, your decision making and in building key allies. You need to get out of the ‘nitty gritty’ and build your reputation through:

  • Building a powerbase of relationships
  • Managing Upwards
  • Working on your inner game so you can create the success mind-set you are going to need
  • Influencing conversations with impact
  • Creating credibility and visibility
  • Becoming fearless by facing your fears head on every day

Interested ?

Full Programme Details

This is a six month programme designed to radically sky rocket your leadership effectiveness. The programme works systematically through a tailored framework that is designed to meet your individual needs.

The first phase is described as the Assessment Phase. Here we spend time getting to understand your leadership style, current impact, ways of working, engagement, priorities, and how well your body is coping with daily load.

This is competed through a series of verbal and off the shelf assessments and executive dashboard assessment. We also connect with the line and / or other key stakeholders to get crystal clear on your goals, measures and internal support.

Potential Curriculum

We then select up to 5 different frameworks – working through one per month. These frameworks enable you to achieve your goals with speed, measurement and impact. Here are a selection of frameworks we have:

  • Communicating simply and powerfully
  • Engaging and mobilising employees
  • Managing or leading up
  • Influencing with impact
  • Building a strong network and powerbase
  • Handling overwhelm and getting control of time
  • Strategic planning
  • Overcoming resistance
  • Identifying your value proposition
  • Creating credibility and visibility
  • Leading teams and team dynamics
  • Managing and balancing work with personal demands
  • Creating high performance cultures

The frameworks all come from a proven methodology, i.e. practical, measurable and achieve results.  There are literally dozens of interactive worksheets designed to give you powerful insights.


Throughout the coaching we continually measure your progress, checking in to ensure you are on track with your goals and amending as necessary.  Towards the end of the six-month programme we hold a review meeting with the key stakeholder(s) to review results and determine if further coaching is required. The last thing we wish to do is to leave our clients high and dry!


In addition to the coaching sessions, we provide access to our online portal. Here we keep a record of our sessions, upload materials, articles and other important resources. This enables our session records to be completely confidential.
The programme does require personal commitment; a desire to change; an interest in personal insight and growth and a willingness to be brave.

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