Executive Coaching For Women Leaders

Executive coaching session

Why Engage A Coach?

  • Help develop high potential candidates
  • Assist someone in transition to a new role
  • An unbiased, confidential sounding board
  • Address behaviours and mindsets that are impairing performance

The Benefits of Executive Coaching

Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) conducted survey of executives who had been coached and and asked them how coaching had helped in their careers.

The respondents were overwhelmingly positive about their experiences of executive coaching.
96% said that they would repeat the process.

Here are the key areas where they felt coaching had made a massive impact:

  • Self Confidence (80%)
  • Improved working relationships (73%)
  • Communication Skills (72%)
  • Improved Work Performance (70%)
  • Better Work Life Balance (67%)
  • Enhanced Business Management (61%)
  • Improved Time Management (57%)

Return On Your Investment

  • 5:1 return on investment (survey by Manchester Group with 100 executives in Fortune 1000 companies)
  • Return of between $4-8 dollars for every $ spent (Centre for Executive Coaching, USA)
  • 86% of companies said that they had at least made their investment back (PWC survey)

What Is Coaching?