Sandra Green

© Nancy Fina _DSC8071Sandra Green is an experienced and accredited executive coach with over 20 years working in the field of leadership development. Her passion is working with women leaders, who struggle with inner confidence, self promotion and size of workload.

Speaking Topic: Breaking through the Glass Ceiling

Why Women Are Not Making it to the Top and What To Do About it

This topic can be delivered over 30mins or up to 90 minutes

  • Current Situation - the lack of women in our senior management pipeline and why it’s an issue
  • The importance of a ‘double spike’
  • Your expertise and value add
  • Building a strong powerbase

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How To Boost Your Impact As a Female Leader

Does your Line Manager Embrace Your Potential or Keep You Stuck?

Here’s one of the most fascinating and challenging dynamics in the workplace. The line manager relationship. Have you got a line manager that embraces your potential? Or does your line manager keep you stuck and keep you held back? Having worked with a wide range of women leaders in a ...
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Bring Feminine Energy to the Boardroom

As we enter 2017, my focus is to inspire women leaders to bring more feminine energy into the Boardroom. Firstly let me explain what I mean by feminine energy. Working as an executive coach for 10 plus years now, I’ve come to realise that women leaders have specific inherent traits ...
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The Restless Mind

I’ve recently finished reading a Return to Love by Marianne Williamson. The book is based upon the Course in Miracles programme and gives insights as to why and how we must calm our minds. It’s really got me thinking about how restless our minds are and the impact that has ...
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