Your True North Executive Coaching Programme

Who You Are

You are a female leader who has a track record of delivering excellent results. You’re smart, capable and care about the people you work with. You are super passionate about your career and you ‘ve always loved ‘working’. Outwardly you show all the trappings of success and you are admired and respected by your family and friends. You give a tremendous amount of you to other people. Yet inwardly it’s a different story. You know that there is so much more you want to do and there’s a big part of you that wants to make a big impact on the world.

What Your Challenges Tend to Be

Whilst you know in your heart that you have a big vision for tomorrow, you sometimes feel frustrated with the demands of your life today. You sometimes doubt your inner calling because your desire for greater meaning with your work can seem at odds with the expectations that you and others have of you. You yearn for a lifestyle and a model that is in line with who you are and your feminine power. You want to maintain your authenticity, your focus on collaboration and move away from the traditional male power in the boardroom (competition, strength, ego-focused and direct). You feel stuck though as to what your calling is and really means for you. Can you really create a career that fulfils you every day?

What You Need Now

Your primary focus needs to be on creating a career you love that connects you to your spirit and provides you with “an internal compass to guide you successfully through life”*. Specifically you need to:

  • Work less ‘in’ your job and more ‘on’ your leadership
  • Create the necessary mind-set shifts that enable you to completely believe in yourself and your potential (as though you life depended on it)
  • Get crystal clear on the work you want to do in the world, based upon your most cherished values, passions and motivations
  • Find ways for you to share your true gifts extensively
  • Create powerful circles of influence for you to improve your visibility and impact on your community and on a bigger scale
  • Create a compelling and inspiring plan together with the strategies to make your vision come alive and a reality for you.


Full Programme Details:

This is an eight month programme of discovery, inspired by the work of many leaders such as Bill George, Steve Radcliffe, W Clement Stone, Andrew Neitlich, Oprah Winfrey. The programme is focused on enabling more women to tune into their spirit and calling.

We follow a seven step framework outlined below:

Step One: Understanding Your Life Journey.

Our first session is focused on unpicking your life journey. We get clear on the key influences that have shaped you; any ‘crucible’ moments; the impact of loved ones and the things that have brought you most joy. We bring forth a knowledge and foundation for us to work through over the coming weeks and months.

Step Two: Your Leadership Presence

The second step is to get clear on how you show up every day. What impact are you having on those around you? What are your core values? How are you integrating the things you really care about and where are you ignoring the things that really matter? We look at your passions and your leadership practices.

Step Three: Your True North

Now we are clear on the things that have shaped you and the things that really matter, we can start to tap into your True North. Here we unlock some of your inner hopes and dreams; the people you long to influence; the work you want to do. We look at your leadership legacy and your purpose.  

Step Four: The Four Energies of Leadership

Next we dive deep into the four energies of leadership. We look at where you are drawing your energy from; how you maybe getting out of kilter and specifically what you need to change to ensure you are balancing all four energy needs.

Step Five: Shifting Old Conditioning

We now shift a gear to look at how our conditioning drives our thinking, our feeling and our behaviour. Once we understand what is holding us back we can recognise the limiting beliefs that we have been holding onto. We are able to let go of the old and embrace new and empowering ways of thinking and acting.

Step Six: Strategic Alliances & Support Team

Next we review your raving fans, those individuals who are absolute advocates for your value and contribution. We look at your network to see who are the natural bridges who can widen your network and your impact. We look for key mentors, sponsors and other collaborators. We also review your personal support network, deciding if we need to let go of any people or change who and when we interact with those that give us the most energy.

Step Seven: Empowering Others

As a leader who is focused on serving others, we now need to look at how you can empower other leaders. This will free up your time to do the work you are gifted to do; enable others to feel more inspired and fulfilled as they grow in their work. We dive deep into understanding the capabilities and motivations of team members so you can draw up a strong leadership development plan.

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