The Women Leaders Association

The Women Leaders Association supports the advancement of diversity in leadership, decision-making and engagement. We help women leaders to develop the confidence to step out and be authentic role models whilst at the same time help companies to retain their very best talent. The WLA encourages collaboration across organisations, development of career enriching skills and giving back through mentorship and volunteerism.

The WLA Programme

  • Live Workshops every 90 days to develop your leadership and provide opportunity to network with wonderful, like minded women.
  • Mentor Training to help and inspire other women both within and outside of the WLA.
  • Educational Webinars every month aimed on a wide range of leadership specific topics.
  • Inspiring Interviews to be inspired by other women leaders as you hear their career stories and experiences.
  • Extensive online resource library providing practical guidance on issues that women leaders face every day
  • Monthly printed newsletter with guest articles, latest news and resources to keep you focused and ahead of the game.

Benefits of Joining WLA

  • Builds confidence and competence
  • Transform your mindset
  • Stretch your thinking and your vision for what’s possible
  • Be a catalyst for change, innovation and inspiration back in the workplace


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